Understanding Meta™

Meta™ metaldehyde is the world’s most widely used active substance for slug control – and after 60 years of use, it remains as effective as ever with no known resistance problems anywhere in the world.  It is a specific molluscicide targeting cells unique to molluscs.

  • Its mode of action stops slugs feeding straightaway
    It works by targeting the mucus-producing cells of the slug – those of the digestive tract as well as the skin. Once the slug has ingested sufficient metaldehyde, the mucus cells are irreversibly destroyed. As a result the slug pumps out energy-rich mucus and dies.



slug graphic explaining how meta works 



  • It is effective in cold and wet conditions
    Wet and cold conditions won’t reverse the process. Laboratory experiments show that even when slugs are given enough water to compensate for water lost through mucus production, death still follows in all cases.  Metaldehyde’s speed of action does increase with higher temperatures, but even when temperatures are low and slugs take longer to die, their inability to continue feeding means crops are protected and the slugs still die.

  • It offers control of all target species
    Meta™ metaldehyde effectively controls populations of all slug species – including the three important species: the grey field slug Deroceras reticulatum, the garden slug Arion hortensis, and the keeled slug Tandonia budapestensis – to protect vulnerable crops.
  • It is a specific molluscicide
    When used as directed it has a lethal effect on slugs and snails but no effect on beneficial organisms such as earthworms and insects, honey bees, carabid beetles and ladybirds, for example.
  • It degrades to carbon dioxide and water, giving it a favourable environmental profile


No-one understands Meta™ metaldehyde better than LSI– which means no-one’s better placed than LSI to develop a slug pellet that delivers the best possible results.  That pellet is AXCELA®.