Why AXCELA® Works

AXCELA® is the new slug pellet from LSI, the Swiss Life Science specialists behind META™ metaldehyde. As a result of LSI’s technical expertise, and wide-ranging knowledge about metaldehyde and its effect on slugs, AXCELA® pellets are different. They’re made using a patent  pending wet-extrusion process that results in a product that kills more slugs, more quickly.


       microstructure of an axcela pellet


  • AXCELA® pellets get to work faster – their structure absorbs water rapidly, allowing slugs to eat them sooner
  • AXCELA® pellets are exceptionally palatable – slugs feed longer and ingest a lethal dose
  • AXCELA® spreads evenly – uniform pellets increase application accuracy and help optimise baiting points
  • AXCELA® is an effective molluscicide – it controls populations of all target species
  • AXCELA® is a selective bait – used as directed it targets slugs and snails, has no effect on beneficial earthworms and insects, and contains more built-in deterrents to prevent accidental ingestion

How Do AXCELA® Pellets Get to Work Faster?

All slug pellets are made from flour and an active substance such as META™ metaldehyde, but they are not all the same. It is essential that the slug finds the pellet attractive and consumes enough to ensure a lethal dose. Not only that, but the pellet should be available to the slug as soon as possible after landing on the soil surface.

A gelatinisation process is used in the manufacture of AXCELA® slug pellets. This alters the protein and starch structure of the flour, allowing them to absorb water faster and making them softer sooner. Because they are available to eat earlier, AXCELA® pellets get to work to protect crops faster. What makes an AXCELA® pellet different?

The AXCELA® molluscicide works for two reasons: its active substance META™ metaldehyde is effective in the control of all target species, and the patent pending wet-extrusion process makes it available to eat more quickly. In addition:

  • Precision manufacturing means that every AXCELA® slug pellet is a uniform shape, size and density for even and unbiased distribution with all types of application machines
  • A robust, virtually dust-free formulation allows accurate and efficient application
  • By maximising rainfastness and minimising leaching of the active ingredient into the environment, AXCELA® pellets display good environmental performance

AXCELA® Contains Bitrex to Help Deter Pets and Children

LSI has a policy of responsible care, producing safe and environmentally compatible products. LSI recognises that slug pellets, while performing an essential role in the right circumstances, are not without their hazards.

Bitrex® is in the formulation to avoid accidental consumption by humans, field wildlife and other mammals.