Austria Agriculture

Almost 80% of Austria’s land is used for farming and forestry. The country’s mountainous nature means that only the lowland areas of the east, and smaller regions in the north and west, are suitable for crop production. The east’s cold, wet winters and hot, dry summer days make it ideal for arable farming. Maize, wheat, barley and rye are commonly grown, with oilseed rape, sunflowers and potatoes making up the rotation.

Agricultural output in 2014 was €6.3bn, of which just under half was attributable to crops – accounting for 1.5% of EU-28 crop production. The total cereal harvest was 5.7 million tonnes.

Crops At Risk From Slug Damage

Oilseed rape

Native Slug Species

Arion hortensis (garden slug)
Tandonia budapestensis (keeled slug)
Deorcereas reticulatum (grey field slug)

Invasive Species

Arion vulgaris (Spanish slug)

Axcela® in Austria

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