Czech Republic Agriculture

Around half (54%) the country’s land area is farmed – approximately 4.2m ha – of which approximately 70% is used for arable cropping. Agriculture accounts for 2.9% of the national workforce, and its output is valued at €4.6bn. Crops make up 61% of the output, 39% being attributable to cereals and oilseeds.

Much of the cereal crop supports the country’s numerous breweries; at 166 litres per person, the Czech Republic is the world’s highest per capita beer-consuming nation.

Crops At Risk From Slug Damage

Oilseed rape

Native Slug Species

Arion hortensis (garden slug)
Tandonia budapestensis (keeled slug)
Derocereas reticulatum (grey field slug)

Invasive Species

Arion vulgaris (Spanish slug)

Axcela® in Czech Republic

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