Poland Agriculture

The ninth-largest country in Europe, about 60 per cent of Poland is classified as agricultural land. The industry contributes around 6 per cent to the economy, but accounts for more than 10 per cent of employment. Total agricultural output is valued at €21.7bn
More than 75% of available agricultural land is used for arable production, with cereals (wheat and rye) the most important, followed by potatoes. Fruit and vegetables account for 10% of agricultural output.

Crops At Risk From Slug Damage

Oilseed rape
Field vegetables

Native Slug Species

Arion hortensis (garden slug)
Tandonia budapestensis (keeled slug)
Derocereas reticulatum (grey field slug)

Invasive Species

Arion vulgaris (Spanish slug)
Arion lusitanicus
Arion rufus
Arion distinctus

Axcela® in Poland

Axcela® pellets are distributed by Best Pest and Spiess-Urania.

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