South Africa Agriculture

Agriculture forms an important part of the South African economy. Farming contributes around 10% of the formal workforce and around 2.6% of GDP. Only 13.5% of its land is suited to cultivation, but seven different climatic regions favours a diverse range of agricultural products.

Cereals are the mainstay of South African farming, covering 60% of the farmed acreage. Maize is by far the most important cereal, but at 605,000 ha wheat is in second place. Citrus and vegetables are also grown widely and regarded as significant sectors.

Crops At Risk From Slug Damage


Native Slug Species

Arion hortensis (garden slug)
Derocereas reticulatum (grey field slug)

Invasive Species

Lehmannia valentiana
Arion hortensis
Theba pisana 
Milax gagates 

Deroceras panormitanum
Deroceras reticulatum  

Axcela® in South Africa

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