Turkey Agriculture

A favourable climate and geography ensures agriculture plays an important role in the Turkish economy. Food and agriculture comprises 9% of the GDP and a quarter of all employment. By 2023, it intends to be one of the world’s top five countries, in terms of agricultural production; currently, it is one of the few countries able to claim food self-sufficiency.

Crops account for 55 per cent of the gross value of Turkish agriculture, with 35% (26.5m ha) of the country’s area used as arable land. Wheat is the country’s leading crop; in fact, Turkey is the world’s eighth largest wheat producer. Citrus (predominantly lemons and grapefruit) and barley are other significant crops.

Crops At Risk From Slug Damage


Native Slug Species

Arion hortensis (garden slug)
Tandonia budapestensis (keeled slug)
Derocereas reticulatum (grey field slug)

Invasive Species

Arion vulgaris (Spanish slug)

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