Application Equipment

AXCELA® slug pellets work best when applied accurately and evenly at the desired rate. Attention to detail in accurately calibrating and maintaining application machinery ensures optimum performance and crop protection.

Application equipment should aim to give an even spread of pellets over the desired application width, chosen as shown in the diagram below:


distribution curve


AXCELA® pellets are carefully manufactured to be of uniform size and density. This, coupled with their high resistance to breakage, gives them ideal ballistic characteristics for an even and accurate application. These benefits will be apparent with all application machinery but it follows that the quality of the application machinery will influence the final result.

LSI has compiled detailed application and calibration settings for the following machines:

  • Delimbe T28
  • APV Classic M2
  • STOCKS Fan Jet Pro 65
  • LEHNER Super Vario
  • SULKY X44
  • RAUCH Axis 50.1