Pomacea insularium

Biological Name

Pomacea maculata Perry, 1810
previously known as Pomacea insularum

Common Name

Island apple snail

Other Common Names

Channelled apple snail, South American channelled-type apple snail


A large freshwater snail, whose shell may reach the size of an apple. The shell is globular in shape and can grow up to 150mm in length. Its size and appearance is highly variable. The egg colour is pink. The island apple snail can be distinguished by an expert from the golden apple snail by shell morphology and internal anatomy in the adult stage as well as by DNA sequencing.

Other Similar Species

Pomacea canaliculata


Biological Notes

See Pomacea canaliculata

Geographic Distribution

The island apple snail inhabits South America and has spread to USA, China and Thailand.


See Pomacea canaliculata

Crops at Risk

See Pomacea canaliculata

Damage Caused/Symptoms

See Pomacea canaliculata

Impact and Severity

See Pomacea canaliculata

Prevention and Control

See Pomacea canaliculata

Natural Predators

See Pomacea canaliculata